Signs of hope?

It is autumn in Sweden. We had our elections on September 11, and the result is far from bringing hope for the future. Sweden is now known for electing a Nazi rooted party welcome in to power. Every fifth person voted for this party, which the two conservative and one former liberal party welcomed and hence made a new government possible. The government is still not in place but we are expecting a difficult time for migrants, minorities, media and the ecological crisis. The principle of 1 % of GNP to the poorest countries among us is fast eroding.

With the war in Ukraine and continued imperialist warfare and threats from Russia, where do we go? With the rise of autoritarianism in the world, to whom do we turn?

Hope spells resistance. For example small social media campaigns putting the name of Holocaust survivor Hédi Fried on the facebook page of Prime Minister candidate Ulf Kristersson to remind him of his promise to her never to give in to a Nazi rooted party. Thousands of people reminded him immediately after the election result was made public.

Small signs of hope is real hope. We pray for creativity to find our way in this new political territory, finding ways of strengthening international law, human rights and the respect for the planetary boundaries of the earth.

Anna Karin Hammar