Solidarity in times of crisis

A Crisis sometimes brings out the best in us. The whole World is now in Solidarity with Lebanon after the horrific accident and explosion. For months Lebanon has been at the brink of collapse, but the world turned a blind eye to the sufferings. Now it is different, thank God.

When Greta Thunberg wants the World to come into a mood of crisis for rescuing the Earth inhabitants from climate change and biological extinction of eco systems, this is what Greta aims at: the open human heart ready to do what is needed.

How can that spontaneous heart remain open when the first waves of emotional empathy have disappeared or at least slowed down?

Maybe this is the most important question in life:

How do we keep our Hearts Open to the sufferings of one another?

We need spiritual practices and friends that sensitize us to life, that is my experience as a person of faith.

We need Political systems and Social structures that are expressions of Care and Solidarity. Living in a World where many lack the most basic expressions of Care remind us of the necessities of good politics.

But it all starts in the human heart. Let us never forget that.

Anna Karin Hammar