The larger picture – Palestine/Israel

Many people in Sweden are now wondering what takes place in Jerusalem. Those serious about the situation try to see the larger picture.

Tonight Gush Shalom is calling for a demonstration in Tel Aviv.

”This evening, Sat. July 22, at 20:30 – an emergency demonstration in Paris Square, Jerusalem – voicing our protest at a government which is set on setting Jerusalem ablaze.

The government must not be allowed to set Jerusalem on fire!

We will not let them drag us all into another war!

Roads are blocked roads, whole neighborhoods placed under curfew, and enormous police forces are seen all over the city – and yet there is no security in Jerusalem. Because that is not the way to get security. That’s how you start a conflagration. That’s how things get worse.

We are already all too familiar with this process. Once again the government chooses for the path of violence. Once again, it will be us who will pay the price. And because of that – we must stop them!

Instead of choosing another round of violence, we must struggle for an end to the occupation and for Israeli-Palestinian peace. East Jerusalem will be the capital of the Palestinian state, and free access will be guaranteed to the holy sites of all religions.. Only thus can we end violence and fear.

Tonight, Saturday night, July 22, at 20:30, we will stand together in Jerusalem’s Paris Square in, near the Prime Minister’s residence. We will demonstrate together against the government’s attempt to drag us all into another round of escalation. Join us!”


Those of us far away can join in prayers and action that occupation will end, subjugation will end, apartheid will end.

Religions are part of the solution of problems in peoples lives and when Israel respects the centuries old ”status quo of Holy places” there will be more space to deal with the real problem: ethnic cleansing, apartheid, occupation and denial of human rights.


Join tonight in prayers for the Peace of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Join on Monday in actions of nonviolence: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. The tree of Peace has Justice as its root.


Anna Karin Hammar