Earth Rights

Today I visited the Sigtuna Foundation and its Conference on Earth Rights. In a panel I was invited to name resources in Christian tradition for the recognition of the Rights of Nature. It was a great subject to develop.

I made three points:

First of all, the disenchantment of the World with Modernity never reached the cosmic Liturgy of praising the Creator with all of Creation and groaning with all of Creation. Groaning together and praising God together unites all that exists in bonds of affection, solidarity and love. See the prayer book of Jesus, Psalm 148.

Second, the notion Creation itself carries much hope for the recognition of Earth Rights. The theological notion Creation embraces all of creation, humans, animals, plants, rivers and mountains, all that exists, with God, present in the sparrow that falls to the ground as well as in the bird’s nest. Creation is inclusive, and unites all of Creation while terms like nature and environment presupposes a dichotomy between humans and the rest of Creation. This dualistic mindset is avoided in the term Creation. Human Rights and the Rights of Nature flow easily from the notion of Creation and the inherent and divine value and dignity of all that exists.

Thirdly, Holy Communion. Reveal to us the Mystery of your table. One bread and one Humanity. Reveal to us the Mystery of your baptism. One water and one Communion of Life. Life perceived as Holy Communion invites us to recognize both Human Rights and Earth Rights. We belong to One Holy Communion. We are interconnected and entangled, we belong together in this Holy Communion.

May God of Cosmos Grant us wisdom to care for the fragile, strong and precious Earth community.

Anna Karin Hammar

Update May 18, 2019

Please add your name to the appeal to the UN for the rights of Nature