Merry Christmas

This is the night when Jesus Christ was born to the world. The wisest of Bethlehem midwifes helped Mary to deliver the firstborn of Creation to the stable and the community of Mary, Josef and the donkey, and maybe some other animals and one little girl, keen to help and do what was best for the new baby and the new mother.

When the God of Universe becomes the child of Mary, Cosmos is exploding with joy and the angels sing so loud that the shepherds of Beit Sahour can hear and understand.

The world has received a new center. What ever you do to one of these children, you do to me. What is good for children is good for the world. So the Universe explodes in a self revelation of what really matters in life. Care for the vulnerable child among us and within us.

What gifts can we give to the children today?

The children I know are not only looking for presents, they are looking for us to stop doing things. So that they can enjoy the Earth when they are old. They expect us to do away with all fossile dependency, to do away with the murderous arms industry, to do away with at least half of our shopping list.

Start enjoying the community of the world’s children in simplicity in life style, in richness of friendship with humans and animals, in abundance of love and care, justice and Peace.

So let us celebrate this Holy Night.

Anna Karin Hammar